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Maya Lin's 'Input' at Bicentennial Park

Try as they might, Ohio University can't spin a happy story from this mess...

Almost One Million Dollars Wasted
Interchangeably called an earthwork installation, liability, piece of art, eyesore, memorable achievement, waste of taxpayer money, stately, spartan, insulting and a slew of other monikers; like the lotion that gives you a bad rash, Maya Lin's dirt sculpture 'Input' is worthy of a refund.

maya lin bicentennial park

The park in all its glory. Richland Avenue is in the foreground.

Previously, the space now known as Bicentennial Park was used for recreation. Though it's a little hard to discern from the picture, there's no hope for recreation or any other reasonable use now. The 'park' features 21 divots and hills, each lined with stone. Thanks to a little thing called gravity, the divots collect water. Fun, if you're a mosquito.

Because of the many steep drops and ledges, frisbee and similar recreation is out of the question. The roar of traffic compounded with the glaring sun prevents people from enjoying other potential park-like activities. Maya Lin's park remains largely unused.

Green Space is in short supply and high demand in Athens Ohio and other communities. Maya Lin pocketed nearly a half of a million dollars for her part in designing this useless green space travesty. If you're a taxpayer in any state, you should contact your representatives to let them know about the dangers of potential bureaucratic pork in the guise of art. Just jot them a little email note and send them to this page. It only takes a minute. Be sure to let them know that parks and public art are good things; you're just concerned about waste.

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